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Dashing Through the Snow
December 2016

Tannenbaum in 5/8
December 2016

Dormi, Dormi
December 2016

Whatchagonna Call
December 2016

May 2015

Cantate Domino
May 2015

Hine Ma Tov
May 2015

What Sweeter Music (released 2012)


  1. Gloria! – Ken Berg
  2. Whatcha Gonna Call That Baby? – Phyllis Wolfe-White
  3. Christ is our King – Franklin Famme
  4. Calypso Allelu – Jill Gallina
  5. Carol of the Children – John Rutter
  6. Good Christian Friends, Rejoice! – Ken Berg
  7. Sleep the Little Babe – Walter Rodby
  8. My True Love Gave to Me – Andy Beck and Brian Fisher
  9. Little Lamb – Gene Grier and Lowell Everson
  10. The Holly and the Ivy – arr. Nick Page
  11. Good King Wenceslas – arr. Earlene Rentz
  12. The Angel Gabriel – Bob Chilcott
  13. In the Bleak Midwinter – Andy Beck
  14. Fum, Fum, Fum! – arr. Robert Shaw and Alice Parker
  15. Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow – arr. Martin Ellis
  16. Mary, Mary – Mary Donnelly and George Strid
  17. What Sweeter Music – Eleanor Daley
  18. Dashing Through the Snow – arr. John Leavitt
  19. Go Where I Send Thee! – Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory

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Joyful Celebration! (released 2007)


  1. Gaudeamus – Mary Lynn Lightfoot
  2. Praise His Holy Name – Keith Hampton
  3. Loving Shepherd – Bob Chilcott
  4. An Irish Blessing – Eleanor Daley
  5. Little David – Paul William and Patti Drennan
  6. Lullaby – Nancy Telfer
  7. Sing Me a Song – Leonard Enns
  8. Crocodile Song – arr. Gary Ewer
  9. I Bought Me a Cat – arr. Aaron Copland
  10. Old Joe Clark – arr. Mary Goetze
  11. Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel – arr. Roger Emerson
  12. Noah – Benjamin Harlan and J. Paul William
  13. Calypso Allelu – Jill Gallina
  14. A La Nanita Nana – David Eddleman
  15. In Excelsis Deo – Greg Gilpin
  16. Al Shlosha D’Varim – Allan Naplan
  17. A Prayer of St. Patrick – Jeff Enns
  18. Prints of Peace – Rollo A. Dillworth
  19. Feel Good – arr. Barbara Baker and David Elliot
  20. When I Sing – Bill Henderson, arr. David Elliot
  21. Old Barn Dance – Wilf Carter

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We are the Children (released 2002)


  1. We are the Children, S. K. Albrecht
  2. O Praise the Lord, Ye Children, R. Powell
  3. Sing Ye Joyfully, D. Besig
  4. Pie Jesu, G. Fauré
  5. All Things Bright and Beautiful, J. Rutter
  6. A Believe in Springtime,J. Rutter
  7. Song for the Mira, A. MacGillvray
  8. Cape Breton Lullaby, K. Leslie arr. S. Calvert
  9. Lark in the Clear Air, arr. R. Fleming
  10. Great Big Sea, arr. L. Dolloff
  11. Promised Land, N. Sleeth
  12. Wai Bamba, Shona Wedding Song
  13. Done Made My Vow, arr L. McLin
  14. Gospel Train, arr. S. MacRae
  15. Gaudeamus Hodie, N. Sleeth
  16. Path to the Moon, E. Thiman
  17. Folk Beautitudes, D. Eddleman
  18. Pass it Along, L. Steen Spevacek
  19. The Storm is Passing Over , C. Tindley arr. B. Baker
  20. Here’s to Song, A. MacGillivray
  21. The Lord Bless You, J. Rutter
  22. You Shall Have a Song, H. Ziegenhals

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You Shall Have a Song (released 1997) SOLD OUT!!!


  1. You Shall Have a Song, H. Ziegenshals
  2. Bist du Bei Mir, J.S. Bach
  3. Wir Eilen, J.S. Bach
  4. Benedictus, F. Schubert
  5. Heilig, Heilig, Heilig, F. Schubert
  6. Lift Thine Eyes, F. Mendelssohn
  7. Bless The Lord, R. Henderson
  8. Praise to The Lord, arr. P. Gray
  9. O Little Children Gather, C. Dock, arr. A. Parker
  10. Two Fishermen, S. Toolan
  11. Je Lourai L’eternel, C. Fraysee, A. Bergese
  12. I will Give Thanks, M. Jothen
  13. When the Storms of Life are Raging, C. Tindley, arr. W. Smith
  14. A New Commandment, arr. D. Thomas
  15. This is My Home, B. Buckley, H. Liz
  16. My Homeland, F. Chopin arr. H. Geehl
  17. Dancing Butterflies, F. Schubert arr. H. Nelson
  18. Where’re You Walk, G. Handel
  19. Earth Rejoices, W.A. Mozart
  20. O Healing River, Traditional
  21. Heavenly Aeroplane, J. Rutter
  22. Freedom, arr. H. Leck
  23. Tshotsholoza, arr. H. Leck
  24. Siyahamba, arr. H. Leck
  25. Shine Jesus Shine, T. Brooks, arr. J. Schultz-Janzen
  26. Noah, J. Wlliams, B. Harlan
  27. Goliath, P. Williams, J. Martin
  28. Kum Ba Ya , arr. Ed Lojeski

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